PTSD Recovery Blog

Kevin William Grant- Counsellor / Life Coach

Preparing employees to respond to traumatic incidents

Organizations can help prepare leaders and employees to respond to traumatic incidents to help reduce the potential negative effect on their own mental health. Employers cannot guarantee that employees will never be exposed to trauma in the workplace....

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PTSD Treatment Categories

This blog post explores the most common PTSD treatment categories. I'll cover: Coping and Supportive Management Treatments Strengthening and Tone Work Treatments Healing and Resolution Treatments Medication-Assisted Treatments Rebuilding and...

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Bullying puts you at risk of developing PTSD

The damage to the recipient's mental health and wellbeing from bullying can be significant. A recent study found that those on the receiving end of bullying often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is already recognized that PTSD...

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Could your job be putting your health at risk?

More than eight in 10 Americans are stressed about their jobs. Occupational stress is so common that it's become accepted as a fact of life. Unfortunately work stress has serious health consequences. Chronic stress has been linked with negative health...

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